Last night I wrote about having two podcasts published on the same day. Hell, it wasn’t even a humblebrag. Pretty blatant egotism, really.

But it turns out there were actually three!

The latest episode of “Review” (subscribe here) debuted yesterday with me, Georgia Dow and, of course, Rene Ritchie discussing the awesome new “Jessica Jones” series which arrived on Netflix last month.

If you haven’t seen “Jessica Jones,” abandon your family and watch now. Well, maybe they could watch with you. If they’re worthy.

Anyway, my sometimes podcasting partner Philip Mozolak alerted me that our new episode was available last night. And, stupid me—being distracted with getting this site up and running on WordPress—well, I thought that particular show had been out for quite awhile. After all, we recorded it in early December.

Seriously, I don’t keep track of all these podcasts. I don’t. Well, not the ones I’m on because, duh, I’ve heard them already.

That’s Rene’s job. And he certainly does all the hard work of organizing, recording and editing most of them. He’s the big boss. I guess he just picked yesterday to clean house on the publishing part.

So, now I’ve got a personal milestone. Three shows in one day. And you thought I was insufferable already. Thank you, Rene, for making that possible.