Looks like Christmas (or Festivus) came early this week. At least for people who like to hear me drone on and on.

First up, a new episode of “Debug” (subscribe here) with Nitin Ganatra. This is our fourth appearance together where Guy English and Rene Ritchie trick us into alcohol-fueled rants about our former employers. Actually, it’s not like that at all. We do know how to hold our liquor by now.

This time we talked about managing teams, employee retention and other such pointy-haired activities. I really appreciate Guy choosing that topic and then inviting me on the show. Lots of fun too, mixing it up with those knuckleheads again.

Then there’s a new episode of “Melton” (subscribe here) with my co-host Rene Ritchie. Yeah, him again. And Rene must be working overtime because we recorded it just this afternoon. I hadn’t even sent him my side of the audio before he just published the whole damn thing. You’re on fire, Rene!

And I could go for a triple this week because I’m recording another show tomorrow with Rene, Guy, Matt Drance and Georgia Dow. May the Force be with us because I think you can all guess what that podcast will be about.