This is my first post here in a long, long time. Until my ISP got hacked last month and my server’s home directory was filled with spam links (it can still happen with a static website, folks), I had really forgotten all about this place.

Which is sad. Especially after all the effort I put into building the software which generates it.

Not to mention that whole “writing” thing.

Now, it’s really hard to follow a post like “Memories of Steve.” It was very popular and I truly appreciate your appreciation of it. But leaving it there at the top of the front page for what it is perilously close to two years? That’s just pathetic.

I like to say that I live a dull life but even mine has something worthy of a little prose from time to time.

While I did write here about the passing of my family’s two beloved older dogs, I haven’t even mentioned the crazy little puppy we adopted later. Or his scary attack, injury and recovery when he was less than a year old.

Did you know that my wife and I stupidly bought a second home? And that we’re developing an interest in good, if not necessarily fine, wine because of where that home is located? Well, you wouldn’t find that story at this place.

And I haven’t written about video transcoding here at all. It’s a passion that’s consumed me so much over the last year and a half that I’ve created command line tools to facilitate my habit.

Some of you might even be interested in not only how I built my own Windows (yes, Windows) gaming PC, but why I went down that path in the first place. However, there’s nothing about that on this site.

Then there’s my recent first ambulance ride to the hospital and the need to electrically reboot my heart due to atrial fibrillation. More scary shit that I could have articulated with at least a post.

Of course, I haven’t been completely silent about any of these topics. If you follow me on Twitter, then you know I’ve been an absolute motormouth about them all. One hundred and forty characters at a time.

And I’ve talked about them on the air in various podcasts. So many of those shows, in fact, that I’ve lost track of some.

You would think with all these podcasts I’ve been doing, along with my own semi-regular show, that I would at least promote some of them on this website. Nope.

Tweets and podcasting have definitely lowered my passion to write. But there’s one theory that can always explain my behavior: laziness. That said, it’s still just an excuse. It’s not actual writing.

So, I’ll make an attempt to get back to it. You know, the typing. And, yes, tell some more of those stories you all like about the Fruit Company and my other technology adventures.

I’ll never get any good at it if I don’t at least try. And I certainly don’t want to miss so many opportunities again.