We’re still here. What a disappointment. No fire raining down from the skies. No aliens invading from space. No tone deaf assholes from the NRA… Oh wait, that did happen. But it didn’t cause the world to end. Yet.

Still, we shouldn’t fret, House Republicans engineered a whole other apocalypse here in the U.S. for January first. Where the entire nation will slide off the fiscal cliff, lubricated by the myopia and intransigence of those same politicians. What a country.

In other news, my day was très boring until I found out that 62,418 people visited this website on Thursday. That included 79,892 unique page views. And, no surprise, 82.01%1 of those views were for the Safari name story. Not very big compared to some, but it got a rise out of me.

Fitzgerald wrote that there are no second acts in American lives. But I’m already on my third or fourth, depending on how you count. We’ll see how many I can get out of this website before it all explodes.

So, join me here for the next armageddon.

  1. Precision matters—just a nod to all you other anal retentives.