Jim Dalrymple on his love/hate relationship with WordPress:

I run The Loop on WordPress. It’s a great platform with a ton of features. But that’s part of the problem—there’s so much that I don’t need and never use that it just feels like a waste.


Much like software that becomes bloated over time, blogging platforms are becoming very bloated with new fancy features. In my opinion, that’s driving many of the power bloggers away.

Jim really nails it.

I think WordPress is powerful. It’s very well supported and maintained too. As I mention here, I prototyped this entire site with it, investing a significant amount of time writing a theme and plugins.

But I didn’t deploy WordPress here because I realized all the hacks in my theme and most of those plugins I wrote were to work around features in the platform I would never use.

That’s why I wrote Magneto. I just wanted something simple that wouldn’t get in my way. Now I’m within the comfort zone of my favorite editor and within reach of my powerful command line. And all the features available are what I’ve created. It’s sparse and limited, but it’s also distraction free.

Here it is: think very carefully about your tools before you apply them to your passion.

Via The Loop.