I think this may be the third or fourth weblog I’ve started. I forget. Most of them are lying somewhere in the HTML bin of history. God willing they’re all buried deep in there. I don’t want to see them again. And you shouldn’t either.

All of my previous attempts died from that dreaded self-publishing disease—neglect. Some would say they just died from bad writing. My plan is for this vanity website to avoid those fates. It at least has a better chance of survival now that I’m retired with plenty of time to write something important. And that was the excuse I made for retiring too—writing something important. Dammit, the pressure.

I’m not sure yet what my focus will be here. Probably random, at least in the beginning. Poor planning to start with entropy, I know. But I’m sure to write about my time at Apple and the development of Safari and WebKit. Inside stories you haven’t heard. Such a tease. Maybe I can mete them out slowly so as to gin up the book deal and movie rights.

Seriously, there will be no gossip or name calling here. I still respect the people I’ve worked with and have no reason to betray their trust. If those were the droids you were looking for, move along.

I will write about my tinkering which created this website. As well as my other strange hobbies and stranger family. Not only am I a bad writer, I’m a bad photographer too. Likely you’ll see evidence of that.

When I find something interesting on the Web, I plan to link to it here provided I can add real value in a commentary. Or make a smug, thoughtless joke about it. Along with small observations and long essays, I may even post some fiction—besides all that biographical crap I mentioned earlier.

Anyway, you’re invited to watch my efforts. And join in commenting about them. But elsewhere, please. On Twitter or App.net is best since I’m also there. You can write about my work on your own site too and let me know that you’ve done so. You know how this works—the great circle jerk of the Internet.

So, welcome. Let’s begin.