I originally planned to launch this website on Tuesday, December 18, because I didn’t think I’d be ready until then. When I got up this morning I remembered the historical significance of December 17 and I had to go for it a day earlier.

By significance, I don’t mean these birthdays:

Sure, if it weren’t for Milla Jovovich, none of us would know the word “multipass.” And I hear that Ludwig fellow made quite a bit of noise in his time.

No, I’m talking about those two crazy bicycle engineers, Orville and Wilbur Wright, who back in 1903 launched and flew the first successful powered aircraft. Now those guys were real entrepreneurs. I’ve been to Kitty Hawk in North Carolina and I know how bat-shit insane it must have been to climb into that experiment of spruce and ash, muslin and metal—particularly in all that cold December wind and so close to the Atlantic.

So, thank you, gentlemen. Otherwise I’d be sharing my anniversary with Darryl Strawberry pleading not guilty on tax evasion charges.