My comment policy

This is my website. The domain name alone should’ve tipped you off. And while I control all the content here, I’m currently allowing you to add comments to some of my posts.

Why would I do this when the practice is falling out of fashion everywhere else? Because I want to keep the discussion about what I publish where I published it.

And I don’t give a shit about fashion.

Obviously, I have strong opinions. And sometimes a vulgar way of expressing them. It’s not my problem if you don’t agree with that. Your being offended is not a reason for me to stop publishing.

However, you can engage in conversation here with me and other readers about what I publish. In fact, I welcome it. I want to read your opinions, not just my own.

But there are guidelines to keep a conversation from becoming an argument. My sister, Joyce, has three for contributors at her many websites:

  1. Keep it friendly.
  2. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt.
  3. It’s not about you.

So obvious they don’t need an explanation. I think they’ll work nicely here, too.

I’m not concerned with political correctness. But I do care about treating other people with respect. Keep that in mind before making broad generalizations about them.

Write like the person you’re replying to is standing in front of you. With their lawyer.

It’s okay to make a typo in a comment. Very likely, I’ll just fix that for you. In fact, I may edit your comments capriciously.

Don’t add a comment when you want to contact me instead.

At anytime I may decide that comments, trackbacks, etc. are no longer allowed for a particular post. Or for any posts.

And if I decide that you’re a spammer, uncooperative or just an asshole, then your comment will be moderated into oblivion.

Remember that I’m inviting you into my home. So don’t shit on my furniture. Or any of my other guests.