I have faith in Joe Biden. And Kamala Harris. They’re good people. They and the team they’ve selected know what they’re doing. It’s obvious just listening to them.

So I can barely wait for them to take over the White House tomorrow. Because real governance will be back in residence. And we need all of that to make it through this pandemic. Along with a crushing number of other crises.

But even after Trump slithers back to Florida—with a few of his favorite swamp creatures in tow—his enablers in federal, state and local government aren’t going anywhere. And they don’t believe in accountability for him or themselves.

Then there’s 75% of Republican voters out there who still think the election was stolen and that Biden is an illegitimate president. Which means The Big Lie isn’t going anywhere either. Don’t ever assume it’s just a small minority that suddenly developed a taste for bullshit.

Worse, Trump might be without a platform but he’ll continue to incite his army of insurrectionists with more grievance and more lies. Not all of these people are silly cosplayers. There are enough with military training and weapons to cause significant damage. God only knows what they’ll do the next time. Possibly pose as real troops or law enforcement.

If we’re lucky, Trump will just blow up the Republican Party instead of the whole country. But let’s not bet on being lucky.

We need to be vigilant. This isn’t over yet.