Anyone who listens to me on other podcasts1 knows that I might be, oh, just a bit fanatic about “Westworld.” And my favorite performance from the very first episode—among an array of other favorites—was by veteran character actor Louis Herthum.

His unsettling but riveting performance as Mr. Peter Abernathy in one particular scene still creeps me the fuck out! All the while sitting naked like a piece of machinery oposite Sir Anthony Hopkins and Jeffery Wright.

That’s some acting chops, folks. And apparently Hopkins thought so too.

Anyway, Herthum has been pretty quiet all year until Sarah Rodman of the Los Angeles Times sat him down for an interview. And not just about “Westworld”—the man continues to have a full and fascinating career.

But Herthum did manage to spill the beans that filming for the second season will begin—yay!—in July. Also, now we know what Jeffery Wright really said to him as he shuffled into cold storage.

Here’s the video—not violent but still a delight.

Via Westworld Watchers.

  1. That’s a link to “Greetings from the Uncanny Valley” hosted by Kelly Guimont and co-hosted by me. We’ll be cranking up the re-watch shows any day now, so be sure to join us!