I did another podcast last week. With my usual broadcasting buddies, Guy English and Rene Ritchie. I’m not sure why they keep inviting me on their various shows, but I have so much fun talking to them it’s not like I’m going to say “no.” Even if they ask me again. Especially if they ask me again.

Anyway, this time we didn’t even talk about Apple. Much. No, this podcast was entirely (yeah, right) on the subject of “Dune,” the classic Frank Herbert novel and the surreal David Lynch film. In the process, I suffered a serious ’80s flashback and we had trouble staying on topic. No doubt due to all of us being jacked up on Melange. But even with all that Spice, Guy and Rene managed to sound articulate and informed while I talked over everyone else. Just like usual.

Why in God’s name they asked me to join them for a “Dune” podcast is still beyond me. It’s not really my area of known or even suspected expertise. So I just made shit up like any other media reviewer. Whatever works. I think this whole thing started as a bad run of “my name is a killing word” jokes between the three of us and a few other folks on Twitter back in June. And then it got completely out of hand so we had to record it.

Rene told me he hardly edited this one at all, other than clipping the beginning when we were futzing around with our microphones and exchanging mundane stuff about our personal lives. So if you want to hear me unvarnished and raw, I suppose this is as close as it gets.

The Spice must flow. And it did.