Ten years ago today, which was actually a Tuesday, Steve Jobs introduced Safari to the public at Macworld in San Francisco. The video above is the full keynote address. It’s not an official Apple video which explains the rather poor quality. My apologies, but that’s the way I found it online. I didn’t make it.

The good part—well, the part I really cared about at the time—begins 54 minutes and 52 seconds into this particular video. That’s when Steve says, “So, buckle up.”

I love that he started that way, because for myself and the Safari team, it had already been a wild ride. And let me tell you, we really could have used seat belts then as we sat in the audience squirming breathlessly while Safari made its one and only first impression. Spoiler alert: Steve was a demo god, network performance didn’t suck that time and Safari remembered all its lines.

Later this week I’ll have another “inside baseball” post for you about the introduction. Stay tuned.