At 4:08 this afternoon, the Google Reader RSS feed aggregator decided to insert a bogus entry into their version of my RSS feed. My apologies, but I have no idea why they did this.

The bogus entry has the same title as one of my previous posts, but it doesn’t have any content.

If you don’t subscribe to my RSS feed using Google, then this problem doesn’t affect you.

My entire website, including the RSS feed, is static. That means all the HTML, XML, CSS, etc. here is just simple text files. I’ve verified that the RSS feed file on my ISP’s Web server does not contain this bogus entry.

I’m actually writing this in hope that a new post on my website and an new entry in my RSS feed will somehow reset Google’s whacky-ass view of the universe—at least that part of the universe where my feed is located.

Please let me know if you see this problem again.