As I mentioned elsewhere, I almost did a Danny Thomas-style coffee spew this morning seeing the reaction to my little blog post from last night. All the interest and positive feedback have been overwhelming and humbling. Thank you, thank you.

It wasn’t my intent to make that kind of splash. Honest. I wrote that story to entertain myself and my friends on Twitter, and Facebook who might foolishly have been paying attention to this still little blog. I would have been pleased to see a dozen comments here and there.

Waking up to see your name on the front page of Hacker News and Techmeme shouldn’t happen to people who haven’t been to the bathroom yet. Thankfully, I had done my business by the time I found out about the thread on Reddit.

This website is maintaining over 300 active users for now. It peaked much, much higher than that earlier. I had no idea I would get that kind of traffic. Thank God I used Magneto to generate a static site. And DreamHost, my service provider, has performed admirably with a dinky shared hosting plan.

I would like to thank my sister, Joyce, for editing that post last night. She’s also edited much of the other content here. While I’m still a pretend writer, she’s a professional. And a damn good one. Not only does she have the courage to keep me honest, she has the authority to slap the shit out of me with my own adverbs.

My apologies to anyone I haven’t acknowledged on Twitter, or elsewhere. I appreciate all of your @replies and retweets/reposts.

More stories are coming. I’m typing as fast as I can.