Mollie Vandor of Twitter on how to download your archive:

Go to Settings and scroll down to the bottom to check for the option to request your Twitter archive. If you do see it, go ahead and click the button. You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to access your archive when it’s ready for you to download.

This is great. And it seems I’m one of the lucky ones who can download my tweets today. My only question is: how often can I do this? After every new tweet? Once a week, month or year? After a certain number of additional tweets? Or is it a one-time only thing?

I’m guessing I’ll make several hundred more tweets next year. I want access to those too, not just the 7,928 I’ve racked up so far. Which gives me pause before trying this handy new service.

It’s curious that Twitter didn’t think to address this. Or did they and I just don’t know about it?